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Aviation Resources

This page lists out some key resources. Please use the links at the bottom of this page to access other resources and applications. Please check out the detailed resource pages for a lot of other useful websites, links and weather references.

Aviation Medical Examiner (AME):

Dr. Jim Koch is available for consultation at our office at KJYO (Leesburg Executive). His website is

DC Special Flight Rules Area:

Leesburg Executive (KJYO) is located in one of the most complex airspace in the country. If you are planning to fly over to visit us or generally into this area, there are special requirements in effect. Please check out the "DC SFRA Special Awareness Training" on FAASafety.Gov

Cirrus Learning:

The Cirrus Approach Website has a lot of really good content, videos and lessons (free and paid) on Cirrus Aircraft Specific training. If you fly a Cirrus (with us or otherwise), this website is an excellent resource that you should plan on using. Please look in the footer below for a link to Cirrus Learning or simply go to

Sporty's Ground School:

We recommend using the Sporty's Ground School to prepare for your written examinations. You can find the link to the "Ground School" in the footer below. You are free to use any other ground school of your choice (links on the Aviation Resources page).

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