Bob Garity

Bob has been instructing in General Aviation since 2007. He is an ATP, Gold Seal CFI/CFII, MEI, SF50 Vision Jet Type rated, and a former Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) since 2013. Bob has accumulated over 9,500 hours of flight instruction time, and is proud to have trained and endorsed over 130 pilots for Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP, and CFI certificates.

Bob is a former USAF and Air National Guard pilot who thoroughly enjoys teaching and mentoring new pilots.

Jorgen Valkaer

Jorgen has a multi-engine ATP with Embraer 170/190 and King Air 300 type ratings. More than half of his 1000 hours as a CFI/CFII/MEI has been in given in Cirrus aircraft.

Jorgen became a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) in 2014, but has been out working for the airlines for the past couple of years

Probir Goyal

Probir is a Software Architect/Developer and our newest CFII. He started flying in 2016 and rapidly progressed from Private Pilot to CFII. He thoroughly enjoys instructing in Cirrus aircraft, and loves introducing non-aviators to the world of flying, and talking about the dynamics of flight.

When he is not instructing or developing software, he is usually flying his own SR22 G2, with GTN 750/650 avionics.

Terry Crochetiere

Terry started flying in 1989 and has been doing so ever since. While serving in the USAF for 20 years, he flew in many different areas of the US - the busy Northeast airspace, the Rocky Mountains, the desert Southwest, and the DC SFRA.

Terry has accumulated over 1100 hours in various Cirrus, Cessna, Diamond, and Piper aircraft, and a B25 SIC type rating.

Coaching Little League made him realize how enjoyable it was to teach people new skills. Terry is a CFII and excited to share his vast aviation experience and instrument knowledge.

Walter Litzenberger

Walter is a passionate aviation educator and pilot with 12 years of flying experience having flown gliders to cabin class multi engine aircraft. He’s a Gold Seal Instructor with over 1000 hours of dual given out of which 700 hours in Cirrus. Outside of the office, he is an active musician, food enthusiast, and avid traveler.

Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO)

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