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The Joy of Flight is the ultimate experience whether you do it for work, pleasure or as a career choice.

At NoVA Pilots, we are passionate about teaching you how to fly and to keep you flying safely. Our committed instructors are among the most experienced instructor pilots in the flying community.

With thousands of hours of instruction time in a wide variety of aircraft, and hundreds of pilots who keep coming back for more, we love what we do.

We do everything possible to keep costs reasonable and to provide you with the most comprehensive instruction you can get. We specialize in Cirrus Aircraft, also have aerobatic Super Decathlons and provide training in all Cirrus models to help you achieve your flying goals.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are driven by their passion for flight. They are seasoned professionals who love what they do. Flight Instruction to each of them is passing on their knowledge and sharing what they have learned from years of experience.

Our Airplanes

We have some of the newest and most technically advanced planes in the market. We are also available to provide instruction in your own plane or a plane that you have access to. In fact more than half our instruction is in planes not in our fleet!

Aircraft Rental

After a checkout or transition training, you can rent our planes at reasonable and affordable prices in this area.

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